3Shape TRIOS Scanner

3Shape TRIOS Scanner

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The process of taking dental impressions has never been easier thanks to the introduction of 3D scanners. At Smith Orthodontics, we are excited to offer our patients state-of-the-art digital impressions with the innovative 3Shape TRIOS scanner.

Now, instead of having to sit in our exam chair for several minutes with a mouthful of messy, uncomfortable impression material, we can take impressions quickly and easily with the 3Shape TRIOS intraoral wand. Aside from being more comfortable, digital impressions are much more precise than traditional dental impressions, which means we can generate a more accurate model of your teeth than ever before—and we can even view it within minutes of taking your impressions.

With the 3Shape TRIOS 3D scanner, we can show you exactly what you can expect as your orthodontic treatment progresses. Because scans are so quick and easy, we can take digital impressions throughout your treatment so you can see how your teeth have moved and your bite has changed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Impressions

What is a TRIOS scan?

A TRIOS scan is a digital impression taken with a 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner. The impression is taken using a special wand that scans the inside of your mouth and generates a 3D image on our computer. This is a much more accurate way to obtain dental impressions than the traditional method of using impression material.

Is there an alternative to dental impressions?

Digital impressions are the best alternative to traditional dental impressions. Not only are they more comfortable for patients, they also produce better results and they can be viewed almost immediately.

How much do digital impressions cost?

Digital impressions do not cost more than traditional dental impressions and if your dental insurance covers the cost of traditional dental impressions, they’ll also cover the cost of digital impressions as well.

How do I get dental impressions without gagging?

With the 3Shape TRIOS scanner, you won’t need to worry about gagging when getting dental impressions. The process is much quicker than impressions taken with impression material, so there’s no gagging involved.

Do impressions for braces hurt?

Impressions are one of the first steps in your orthodontic treatment and your journey to a more beautiful smile. It’s natural that you might be nervous, but getting impressions doesn’t hurt at all. The 3Shape TRIOS scanner produces quick, painless impressions.

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