How to Determine Whether or Not You Need Braces

Team Orthodontics

Everyone wants a million-dollar smile. So, every year millions of people invest in braces in hopes that the technology works to make it happen. But can anyone get braces? Are some people better candidates for braces than others? How can you know if you may benefit from them? 

While it is best to get the professional opinion of your orthodontist, ask yourself these 7 questions to get an idea about whether or not you need braces

Are You Happy with Your Smile? You have to see your smile every time you look in a mirror. And whether or not you are happy with it determines just how much you let others see it. Everyone deserves to be happy and feel confident with their smile. So if you always find yourself smiling with your lips closed, then it may be time to do something about it. An orthodontist can discuss your concerns and possible treatments so that you can achieve a smile you are proud of. 

Do Your Top Teeth Overlap Your Bottom Teeth? It is normal for your top teeth to overlap your bottom teeth slightly. This is called an overbite. However, if you bite down and can barely see your bottom teeth, you may need braces or other orthodontic treatment. 

Do Your Bottom Teeth Overlap Your Top Teeth? When this happens, it is referred to as an underbite. This, too, often requires treatment for alignment from an orthodontist. 

Are Your Teeth Crooked? Crooked teeth are the sign of an overcrowded mouth. Sometimes when teeth don’t have space to erupt, they shove others out of the way. While it may seem like only an aesthetic concern, it can actually lead to oral hygiene issues. A mouth that is too crowded is unable to be cleaned and cared for properly. Braces can straighten everything so they look better – and can be cared for as they should be.  

Do You Experience Jaw Pain Regularly? Jaw pain can be a sign that there is an alignment issue with your mouth or that other orthodontic issues need to be addressed. Jaw pain should never be overlooked. 

Do You Find it Difficult to Chew Foods or Speak Clearly? Again, misaligned teeth can have an impact on the way you bite your food, chew, and speak. Maybe you bite your tongue or your cheek or maybe it causes pain in your jaw. Or maybe you just have trouble pronouncing certain letters. Any of these things should be reviewed by an orthodontist as they could be signs that there are some alignment issues. 

Do You Have Big Gaps in Your Teeth? If your teeth have too much space between them, it can not only make you uncomfortable aesthetically but also can allow food and debris to get trapped between them. Fixing gaps is a simple task for braces or even ClearCorrect treatments. 

Braces at Smith Orthodontics

Whether you feel like you could use braces or your dentist has suggested it, having a consultation with an orthodontist can help you determine the best treatment for your teeth. At Smith Orthodontics we look forward to meeting new patients – and working together to transform your smile. 
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