Adult Braces: Are They Right For You?

Team Braces

Are you considering getting braces? Many adults choose to get braces for a variety of reasons. Some were never able to get braces when they were younger. Others had braces when they were younger, but their teeth have shifted out of place since then. Whatever the reason, you are never too old to improve your smile with braces. 

Wondering whether or not you’re an ideal candidate for adult braces? Consider the following to help you decide if braces are right for you.

Key Points for Adults Considering Braces

Adults considering braces should be sure to think over the following points to help determine whether or not this is the right choice. 

  • Length of Treatment. It seems to take a bit longer for adults to achieve the same results as children and teens with braces. The reason is that adults are no longer growing, so the jaw is not as malleable and the teeth are more set in place. Braces are most effective for children in adolescence because of the huge growth spurts they experience during this time that allows for greater movement and adjustments of the teeth. Where the average length of treatment time for children and teens is 1-3 years, for adults it is usually 2-3 years. It still varies on a case by case basis and often has more to do with the complexity of the case than the age of the patient. 
  • Cost. Adults are often able to afford braces, but the cost is still significant. Some dental insurance plans cover adult braces, but many only cover children under the age of 18. Different types of braces have different price ranges, so if cost matters, you’ll have to weigh the cost vs the other factors when choosing treatment. 
  • Convenience. Braces treatment requires frequent appointments, so you’ll need to consider the location of your orthodontist’s office and its proximity to work and home. Appointment frequency ranges from 4 to 6 weeks between appointments depending on the type of orthodontic treatment you opt for.
  • Appearance. A big concern for adults is how they will look in braces. Braces are more commonly seen on kids and teenagers, meaning adults tend to feel awkward wearing them. But now there are less visible options for straightening your teeth that you may want to consider if appearance is important to you.

Different Types of Braces

It used to be that metal braces were the only option, but now there are a few different options for orthodontic treatment. Options include: 

  • Metal Braces. Metal braces have been around for hundreds of years in various forms. But recent advancements in technology have made traditional metal braces smaller and more comfortable than they were even 20 years ago. They still remain the most common type of orthodontic treatment.  
  • Clear Braces. Clear braces were invented to be less noticeable than metal braces, but they are not actually clear. The brackets themselves are made of ceramic that matches your tooth color, but the archwire connecting the brackets is still metal. It makes braces a bit less noticeable, but not completely invisible. 
  • ClearCorrect. The most recent advancement in orthodontics is clear alignment systems. ClearCorrect consists of clear plastic aligners that fit over the teeth and are virtually invisible. They are removable like retainers for eating and dental care. Most orthodontic issues can be corrected by ClearCorrect, but some complex cases may still require traditional braces. 

      The cost of metal braces is comparable to ClearCorrect, but clear ceramic braces tend to be more expensive. The actual cost depends on the pricing set by your orthodontist.

      Smith Orthodontics Provides Braces for Adults

      If you’re looking for an orthodontist that treats adults as well as children and teens, consider Smith Orthodontics. We offer a range of orthodontic options so that adults can have less visible options for correcting their teeth. Adults who have chosen to pursue orthodontic treatment for their own benefit have experienced better oral health and more self confidence as a result. 

      Call 937-431-0947 to schedule a consultation or request an appointment. We look forward to helping you transform your smile with the right orthodontic treatment.